Thursday, 17 March 2016

What is your first musical fascitnation?


Recently I browsed my old playlists, which I listened to a few years ago. I came to the conclusion, that since I started to be interested in music, I never listened to only one type of music. I tried to also remember what kind of music stuck with me the longest. I admit that for me it was a really hard task to do. Reading the interviews with many different artists, I found out that almost every one of them knew how their music fascination started. They even were able to specify the specific artists and specific album names. Up to this day, I still have a problem with that. Most what I remember is the cassette of Polish band...

 Elektryczne Gitary and CDs of Pink Floyd which I found on my dad's desk. I think I can safely say that they were one of the first artists that I listened to. Later, I remember my first crush - charming Enrique Iglesias, whom I could listen to non-stop for several weeks. I also had a weakness for songs of Whitney Houston. Yes, I think this four are my first musical fascination.

And how was it with you? Do you remember your first musical crush?

Peace & Kisses

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