Sunday, 26 June 2016

New songs for the end of the week...


Ah, I think again the time quickly flies. Brno again caught up with the heat wave, so probably again soon I'll need to hide, not to burn my sensitive skin. Well, we'll see. I also had to find for a holiday song of this summer. At the moment, on my playlist, the most famous is twenty one pilots and also their latest song (which also you can find on the June Playl) is listens a couple of times per day by me. (My new addition).

Ok, end of lamentations. I invite you to become familiar with new pieces. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

New songs for you :)


Do you want to listen to something new? No problem. Here you go:

btw I adding once again the new awesome song of my favourite band - twenty one pilots, the official video clip just came out and I think i better quality as well.
Enjoy guys!

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Hello again. New music after break.


I managed to take a little break from the blog. Did somebody missed me? Anyone? hmm? Even as no one missed me I am glad that I can write something here again. During this time, I gathered a lot of new music for you. So, just wait for more ;).

How about 5 new songs today?

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Why the young people die?


Yesterday, I received very sad news. After a concert in Orlando during the autograph session, 22-year-old artist Christina Grimmie was fatally shot. I know that every day in the US such tragedies endeavoring often. It is really cruel. Especially if young people who should live another dozen or so good years are dying. Christina's death really shocked me is still aroused in me a negative emotion in relation to the authorities of America. What now has to think an artist who would like to see their fans? How has the fan feel who knows that the end is not safe because some psycho with a gun may be close? No one should kill because he just wants to. The weapon should be prohibited for the common man. In general, a weapon that kills at all should not be created. About the talent Christina I wrote on the blog almost a year ago (entry HERE), I was wishing her a great career and be able to share her talent with others for a long time. It did not occur to me even to think that we can lose so capable person, so quickly. Frankly...

Saturday, 11 June 2016

The new songs for June`s playlist


Lazy D, finally get motivated and began to write something on the blog. Especially today it is a real challenge. Lately my weekends are not too productive. Probably I nee to plan a trip for yourself, because for a long time I didn't visit too many new places. On the other hand, also I do not have to leave right away from Brno, because he the Firework Festival just started. It is a really amazing experience. Besides, who keeps track of my Instagram, could see a very short video of what has happened a week ago. For those who have not seen my video. I invite you to click -> here.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Novelties in the playlist. So new music that was not boring.


I wanted to write something smart today, but, as usual, rather, it will not. Sorry. I had a plan also to write the announcement of the festival on which I am going in the next month, but unfortunately, it is going too weak as well. Please, however, do not worry, once for sure it will happen;)

And now, I invite you to listen to the new songs:

Saturday, 4 June 2016

New Playlist guys!


Ohh, today is a really lovely sunny day. I wanted to present you the first proposal on the newly created Playlist in June. I wonder whether the new playlist will fall to your taste or not. Recently, I have little doubt, if in general the blog makes any sense and if it goes to anyone. I considered also suspend its activities on the blog, but you know what. Whatever. I'll keep trying. Time will tell if I should still going on with the blog or not.

And here are the first pieces that were on the June Playlist. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Summary of the songs from May


What would you say about a summary of the May`s Playlist? Well, unfortunately, we have no choice - it must happen :).

[BTW Happy Children Day :D]

In May, we gathered for more than 30 tracks on our playlist. I wonder if any of the songs actually fell to your taste. Of course, traditionally I chose my favorite songs. This month is 6 of them.

Here they are:

With my musical love to K.Flay among my favorites I have to put song FML released early this month.