Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Playlist : Sport Playlist

Hello everyone!

My dear friend Ania asked me to make a couple of playlists which could be useful for making some exercises. Ania from time to time gives on her blog some nice exercises which you can make also at your home (for active people [or a little less like myself] I highly recommended). Blog can be found HERE.

Because, as you noticed I like to share what I like - I am putting my playlist for crunches exercise (or any other slower exercises).


Saturday, 24 January 2015

Music Update : Second Part of this Week

Heeelloooo my lovely people!
Today is a time as I promised you for the second part of the music update. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on whatever you like) I wasn`t be able to stop on the number 27 of new songs this week (sorry ;P) and you "need" to listen this week 34 of new tracks. Honestly I do not know what's happening to me this year (or what's going on with the music), but there is a lot of songs, next to which I can not pass by without any notice.

Okay, I am talking and talking but you are waiting for the new music, right?
AAA I forgot to add that, as I promised, today you will find a more varied music :) 

Maroon 5 - Sugar

Fall Out Boy - Uma Thurman

The Weeknd - Earned It (Fifty Shades Of Grey)

Fifth Harmony - Worth It

Cash Cash - Surrender

Punjabi  - Preet Harpal

Petite Meller - Baby Love

Martin Solveig & GTA - Intoxicated

I need to tell you guys that if is going on about I'm still not sure why is here. I think is just a small magic in the video. I just could not take my eyes of this clip and still do not know why; p
GFriend - Glass Bead 

Mad Clown-  Fire Feat. Jinsil <3

MisterWives - Our Own House

Shura - Indecision

and here we have a very "interesting" piece: D Just don`t take it too serious guys;)
Mini Thin - City Bitch - Country Rap Redneck Hillbilly West Virginia

Camila - Quédate

Kill Me Heal Me OST Part.1- 환청 - 장재인 Jang Jane (Feat. NaShow)

Jeremy Camp - I Will Follow (You Are With Me)

Selina 任家萱 [ 3.1415 ...]

Guy Sebastian - Linger ft. Lupe Fiasco

JAY PARK (박재범) - GGG

GAMPER & DADONI x Paul Cook & The Chronicles - Blind Faith

As a reminder, I am adding here links to the previous posts
Enjoy it!
- D.


The Big Playlist of month January 2015 you can find in post Playlist: January 2015

Friday, 23 January 2015

Music Update : Part First

Hello you all very welcome!
Today, when I just came back from work, I decided to scour the internet to find some new songs for you. Yesterday I had already prepared 14 tracks, at the moment (hmm again I overdone) - The Playlist of 3rd Week already contains 27 songs and probably will be bigger because I do not even stopped to listen to the new pieces that I could find. This time I will not overwhelm you so I won't put here too many new tracks of music, and this weekend there will be two music updates. Tomorrow I will put the second part together with playlists of the 3rd Week.
Let`s get started!

Imagine Dragons – I Bet My Life (Alex Adair Remix)

Andrea Balency - You've Never Been Alone (Miqui Brightside Remix)

Sorrow - Never Too Far

Mennska & Mas Tropical - Won't Come Home

GRMM - Electrify (Mazde Remix)

Vicetone - No Way Out ft. Kat Nestel (Extended Mix)

Milky Chance - Flashed Junk Mind (filous Remix)

Alex Adair - Make Me Feel Better (Klingande Remix)

Tep No - The Last Ones Standing

Years & Years - Take Shelter

BUNT. - Young Love (ft. Emma Carn)

Pretty Pink & SDP - Ich Muss Immer An Dich Denken

ortoPilot - You Can Call Me Al (Koloman Vuchs Edit)

Krystal Klear ft. Yasmin - One Night Only (Low Steppa Remix)

Ok, So is "enough" for today. Also, I promise you that tomorrow you will find here tracks little more musically varied (and bilingual as well).
In that case, I am inviting you for new music update tomorrow!
See you tomorrow :-)
- D.


The Big Playlist of month January 2015 you can find in post Playlist: January 2015

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Music Update : Let`s dance people

Today I am coming back to you with new music update. This time won't be that huge update like last time, but it doesn't mean that will be worst!
The first track, which I want to share with you, is not super fresh song, but because of my wonderful friend Ania I just can not stop listen to this song.

Niki & The Dove - Mother Protect (Goldroom Remix)

Robb - Four By Four (MOUNT Remix)

Áine Aura - Uncover (Mountain Of Youth Remix)

Nick Klein - Paralyzed

Hollow Coves - The Woods (Ghosts Remix)

GingerAle ft. Emma Carn - Riptide

Hardwell feat. Harrison - Sally

Gabriel Rios - Gold (Thomas Jack Remix)

Atlas Bound - Talk (Jerry Folk Remix)

Olympique - Face Down Earth (Urban Contact Remix)

Years & Years - King <3

Empty Minds ft. CAVY - I Know <3

Enjoy it!


I decided to make some changes on my blog. From now on, in addition to "regular" list with the names a youtube videos of new songs, I'll post the playlists.
Due to the fact that music updates usually occur once per week, each week I will publish a new playlist for you. Plus at the end of the month all playlists will be engaged in the whole and I will create a playlist of the month.
The action is taking from this month - so if anyone would like to once again listen to new tracks from the previous week feel free to go to post below:
- 1 Week

Update II:

The Big Playlist of month January 2015 you can find in post Playlist: January 2015

Sunday, 11 January 2015


Hello everybody !!
Just look at my collection of new music that I was able to gather and I get a little scared. I hope that is not overdone, as I have for you (up!) 34 new tracks ;-)
I guess I have to start a made updates more often, unless such a large portion of music "at once" is OK for you.
Well, let's see if there are any pieces in the proposals that you will like.
Here we go !!!
Felxprod ft. Thallie Ann Seenyen - Down The River

Jasmine Thompson - The Days (Bergs Remix) [Avicii Cover]

MAD KINGZ ft. Mark Tarmonea - Wanderlust

Marian Hill - Got It (Kill Them With Colour Remix) <3

Avicii - The Nights

Track belonging to band Arctic Monkeys converted by one of my work colleague. Cool remix, right?
Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know (DOGMA Remix)

Pitbull, Ne-Yo - Time Of Our Lives

This song is a bit of a kind song which you have to listen to at least 3 times and is already sitting in your head": D)
HELLOVENUS 헬로비너스 '위글위글 (WiggleWiggle)

Royal - Passenger

Kate Miller - Feed The Light

Hedegaard - Happy Home ft. Lukas Graham (Sam Feldt Remix)

and now a piece recommended by my dear friend Anna (blog). Chinese song which is intriguing.
Ann白安 [ 安慰 Consolation ]

Mandeh & GuitK - What I might do (Cover)

Do You remember Sia and her song Chandelier? Here is a remix of this phenomenal song:
Yalena - Chandelier (SoulSon & Liva K Remix)

and now time for the singer's latest video  (i also made an update in this post HERE) - watch out this video mesmerizes! ;)
Sia - Elastic Heart

GEMOLOGY - First & Last (Glastrophobie Remix)

Baggi ft. Micky Blue - Dive

Gho$t - Ready Or Not Here I Come

Paul Reef vs. Icehouse - Endless Ocean (Pretty Pink Remix)

Dom Rosenfeld & ENZ - Something About You (EigenARTig & Nicolas Haelg Remix)

MYNGA feat. Cosmo Klein - Back Home (Matoma Remix)

Huntar - Naked Noises (Tep No Remix)

Hopium - Dreamers ft. Phoebe Lou

VOYAGEUR - Tear My Heart Out (The NEF Project Remix)

Eastside - Ellie (Loyal x Don't) (Leo Gordy Remix)

Jaymes Young - What Should I Do

JONGHYUN 종현_데자-부 (Déjà-Boo) (feat. Zion.T)

Dr. Kucho! & Gregor Salto Featuring Ane Brun - Can't Stop Playing (Makes Me High)

Daniel Czirjak x Jasmine Thompson - Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol Cover)

Philip George - Wish You Were Mine <3

LuvBug - Revive (Say Something)

Jessie J - Masterpiece

Bakermat - Teach Me

DJ HANMIN - Put Your Phones UP (Feat.Crisp Cunch)(Dizzy Sunn Remix)

:D uffff :D I posted everything what I wanted :D

Enjoy it ^^


The Big Playlist of month January 2015 you can find in post Playlist: January 2015