Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Music Update : Last update in year 2014

Hello my lovely people!
Unfortunately, or fortunately today I put the last note on this blog in 2014. I wanted to thank everyone who visited me this year and I hope that you will visit this blog in the new year also (you`re always very welcome here!). Purpose of this note for today is - enter the joyful atmosphere, as something to remember as a positive way of the old year.

Okay, I will not write much! Feel free to question my suggestions (perhaps, maybe any of them will be on your New Year's Eve playlist? Hmm it would be nice) :D Here We Go!

Lily Kershaw - As It Seems (De Hofnar Edit)


Snoop Dogg & Kid Cudi - That Tree (Hipshaker Remix)

Montgomery - Piñata (Japanese Wallpaper Remix)

OMFG - Hello <3<3<3

Mr. Probz - Nothing Really Matters (Kav Verhouzer Remix)

Sound Remedy - We Are The Dream (TheFatRat Remix)

Olly Hence feat. JStanley & TIX - The Tramp

KeeMo & Schild feat. Justin Hopkins - Revolution (Sunset Chill)

Chassio - Love You Louder (Extended Mix)

JazzyFunk - Celebrate

Favela - Gong

Florence + The Machine - You've Got The Love (Dennis Kruissen Remix)

Alpharock - Pump This Party

Pierce Fulton - Kuaga (Sonny Alven Remix)

TEEMID x Sofia Karlberg - Stay With Me (Sam Smith Cover)

I hope you liked the songs: D
I wish you then champagne the fun tomorrow and "see you" in the next year!

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Music Update : Merry Christmas! Christmas songs everyone!

Merry Christmas!

Ohh, so finally Xmas are here! The true is, that for me this year Christmas are not in 100% real Christmas. I am far away from my family home, I don't have Xmas tree or any decoration at home, even this year snow decided to hide in another place (hmm snow? where are you), but is not make me feel bad to Christmas songs! I really love Christmas songs, so now I can listen to them over and over again. I made also playlist with my favorite songs and of course, I feel to share with you this awesome music.

On my playlist, yo can find:

Monday, 22 December 2014

Music Update : New music before Christmas

Hello my people! I welcome here just before Christmas :)
I had just busy weekend, so I was not be able to make an update before, but come on! you`ll have new music today! Plus is not just few songs, I found for you (...are you ready for this number??) 20 songs! Please sit comfortable and enjoy the music.  
Eastside - Ellie (Loyal x Don't) (Coucheron Remix)

Dimension - Love To Me

GRADES - Crocodile Tears

Just Kiddin - Thinking About It  <3

hmmm maybe I will put some pop music as well, what do you think? 
Racoon - Brick By Brick

Ella Henderson - Yours  <3

okay, enough:)
Thomston - Salt

Embody - With You (feat. Barnaby)

The Griswolds - Beware The Dog (Autograf Remix)

Oliver Heldens ft. KStewart - Last All Night (Toyboy & Robin Remix)

Listenbee - Save Me

Tora - Jaigantic (Galimatias Remix)

Ayah Marar - Mind Controller (Tom Bull Remix)

EFIX & GTN IX - Leave (feat. Sanchez) <3

Two Can & Father Dude - Double Edge

Chet Faker - I'm Into You (Monkeyneck Remix)

Dotan - Hungry (Niklas Ibach Remix)

Clean Bandit & Jess Glynne - Real Love (Tough Love Remix)

Borgeous & Shaun Frank - This Could Be Love feat. Delaney Jane

Kendji Girac - Andalouse <3<3


Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Personal music: I got two letters for you....

Oh you broke my heart
I told you I was weak for love
But then you went around
And did what you wanted to do
And now I'm crying, crying....

Monday, 8 December 2014

Music Update : D. is on vacation but it doesn't mean that you will miss new music update!

Hello my lovely people !
Finally, I found some time to sit and write here a little bit. Since the last time I found for you few tracks, which I hope you will like it. I die to know how do you like the music here! Tell me any time what do you think. Please feel free to write anything!
So let this party get started!
Thomas Gold feat. Kate Elsworth - Colourblind

TAPES - Tried To (cover from  Rihanna`s & Drake`s song)

Jessie Ware - You & I Forever (SG Lewis Remix)

Gallant - Jupiter Grayscale (Sebastian Carter Remix)

Josef Salvat – Diamonds (Glastrophobie Remix)

Kygo - Firestone Ft. Conrad

Kwabs - Walk <3

Koven & Memtrix - Pessimist

Supermans Feinde ft. Christen Kwame - Swan


Kiso Ft. Neven - Interstellar

Oh Wonder - All We Do <3

and I saved for the last, song which is the most amazing and favourite Christmas song of this year to me
Idina Menzel & Michael Bublé sing Baby It's Cold Outside - performance from UK X-factor semi-final

btw are you ready for Christmas? No, do not worry I will make you feel more in Christmas mood pretty soon. Let`s just be ready for that when I will be back from my holiday.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Music Update: Cold? okey, let`s make this day hot with brand hot tracks!

Hello everybody in this last November`s cold day.
Unfortunately, we need wait for summer still a few months (but somehow we could do it, right?). To warm up a little bit out temperature, I have for you a few pieces that I hope you will like it too. This week I have for you 11 new tracks.
So I invite you to the musical warming! :)
I'll start with a song which totally surprised me. A few years ago I was crazy about the band Gorillaz, and when I heard the new version of Gorillaz`s amazing song, I could not believe, that it can be so changed. In the beginning I did not hear at all in the piece gorilla`s squad composition, and when the lyrics proved to be known by me I discovered why, and I had to share it with you guys!
Here mentioned cover:
The SAME feat. Lalitia - Feel Good Inc

So, now is the time to dance a little bit! Let`s dance people!
Redondo & Boiler - Sunshine (Brighten Up My Days)

Nicolas Haelg - Open Up People

Mark Tarmonea - Paradies (Marv Remix)

I will not hide my platonic love for Enrique Iglesias, so I have to post at least one piece to warm up (maybe I will just warms myself, but who cares)  ;)
Enrique Iglesias & Kylie Minogue - Beautiful 

The next piece will come out of the movie. For some time, I need to share somehow with you music, from the new movies. Unfortunately, I will not conceal, I did not watch the newest part of the Hunger Games, but in my opinion, the music is overwhelming! (Am I right?)
The Hanging Tree - The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 Score James Newton Howard <3

Now it's time to the music that really touched me. If you listen closely to the lyrics, and you will watch this video, I think you would understand, why it touched me. So if you have a minute, please refer to this proposal.
Hozier - Take Me To Church <3

Finally, the time for polish accent come in! So, let`s change the atmosphere and let`s get ready for AFROOMENTALL!!
Afromental - Mental House

do so now let's stay with the "mental" the atmosphere ... but this time we`ll move from Poland over to South Korea

when it comes to the new Beyonce song and her video of this song ... I still do not know if I like it or hate it. I came to the conclusion that if I have such mixed feelings about it, see what is your reaction will be like.
Beyoncé - 7/11

as the last I saved for you the classic band
AC/DC - Rock or Bust

and what do you think of today's music update?
I hope we get warm up at least a little bit!

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Music Update: ufff is finally weekend, so what you would say something about new music?

Hello everybody!!
Practically, almost traditionally on the weekend I put specially for you update of music that I was able to find during the last time I wrote on this blog. In fact, today I spent almost half a day to diversify some of the today's music update. With the result? Check it out by yourself.
Here we go!
EZA - High & Low

Alex Aark & Méron feat. Gwen McCrae - Ain't No Way

Asadinho - Crystal Clear (feat. Natamiq)

Santa Maradonna F.C. feat. Lucy Spraggan - Give Me Sunshine (Niklas Ibach Remix)


Jay Frog & KLC - Tzzzz (Jerome Edit)

Lorde - Flicker (Kanye West Rework) - song from a movie The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

Dotan - I Don't Trust Myself (Oliver Flohr Edit) <3

and as a last proposition for you for today is the song from the trailer for a new part of the movie The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies
Twelve Titans Music - Dust And Light

and that`s all for today. I hope you liked it.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Music Update: because it was my bday..music please!

I am sending to you big lovely HELLOOO!! :D
This weekend I was celebrating my birthday. Okay, I know I am not teen any more, so I shouldn't be that excited about it, but I think almost every person like this feeling when is the special day for him, isn't it? :)
Ok, I am talking...ok, I am writing and writing, but where is the music? So, let`s started with sharing a music with you guys! This week I found for you some song which I just fall in love in from the 1st listen, some of them are really nice to listen to, just check them out and tell what do you think about them? ok? 
So, can we start? Let`s do it!

Meghan Trainor - Lips Are Movin

Burhan G feat. Molly Sandén - Kærlighed & Krig

YoSub & SungKyu & YoungJae - iCorre!

OMI - Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix) <3

MO - Give It To Me (Tontario Remix) <3

Ella Eyre - We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off (Whipped Cream Remix) <3

Taylor Swift - Blank Space

Lily Elise - Generator

Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud (Alex Adair Remix)

Layla - SmokeStacks (Dimond Saints Rework)

Kungs ft. Molly - West Coast

Enjoy <3