Monday, 30 March 2015

Music Update : Something new to your music player

Hi everyone!
Today I would like to send you my greetings from my hometown. Finally, I am able to come home for Easter and spend it with my family. Due to the fact that I spent the first few days of my vacation at the Polish seaside I didn't  have much time to sit down and find for you a bigger portion of new music, but the 10 songs I think hit the norm;).
Enjoy !
Kevin Cohen - Just The Two Of Us (Doumëa Remix)

Fabich & Jetique - Love On My Mind

Kerri Watt - You (Oliver Nelson Remix)

Heymen - If I Play Your Game (Alle Farben Remix Edit)

Henry Land & Samuel - Demons (ft. Jasmine Thompson & Hilman) <3

R.I.O. - Thinking Of You

Hooooziiierr <3 
Hozier - Work Song

Florence + The Machine - St Jude

Clean Bandit - Stronger

Sam Hunt - Take Your Time

Alright, in this week I will put the March Playlist as well. So keep in touch everybody ;)
- D.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Let me bring some music to you ;D

Heeeyyy :D
Spring probably for good has arrived to Czech Republic. Flowers are blooming, the trees turn green, the weather from day to day is getting warmer, more modestly dressed people on the streets - yes, the life comes back to Brno. I don't know if you know, but I'm terrible if is coming to cold weather I feel cold pretty easily, so I need wear a lot of warm clothes. So you should be not surprise that the increase in any degree on the thermometer immediately improves my mood and well-being. And you know what else make me feel better? Of course good music and you! Unfortunately, due to the fact that I've become pickier about the music. This week I have for you only 5 new songs. Oh well, I just have to stick to the good cheer that the next week I will be able to collect some more tracks on the blog!
Enjoy guys!
Lauv - The Other

Patrick Baker - Gone

Meghan with another colorful music video and catchy song
Meghan Trainor - Dear Future Husband

Back to the past (only in Korean version) with song Beautiful Girls (original by Sean Kingston) reminds me high school`s time, which I like to return with my memory. In addition, in the Korean version I can finally see singing HaHa, whom I know only (unfortunately) from the program "Running Man". If you are not familiar with this show, and you like to watch entertainment funny programs I highly recommend you. Of course, the program is Korean, but it is easy to find the episodes with subtitles. (If anybody is interested I can send you a link to the page where you can find almost all the episodes with English subtitles).
스컬&하하 SKULL&HAHA - Beautiful Girl (feat. 권정열 of 10cm) Official M/V

What would you say about Korean hip-hop as the least peace for today? ;)
언터쳐블(UNTOUCHABLE) - 크레파스 M/V

and that would be everything for today. So I am adding the upgraded March Playlist and I am running away ;)

- D.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Music Update: Let`s welcome new week with new music

I would like to welcome you very warmly,
Unfortunately, the weather in Brno did not spoiled anybody this weekend  - is cold and raining. Last weekend was opposite - sunny and nice, but I spend it in my bed because I catch a cold (I know amazing way to spend free time T_T). Yeah, you can not have everything, right?. Ok, I will not linger here. The fact, that I could stay a little longer in the house, I found the time to search internet for new tracks that I hope you will like it. Then playlist March will be expanded today, I hope I made you happy, because of that?
So let`s get started!
Nite Swim - Pool Party

Not I time for the song which I found during watching Korean drama - "It`s okay, That`s Love". (Yes, I admit.I am addicted to Korean dramas. GUILTY!)
The once - You're My Best Friend

My love for this singer was born during listen to her for the very first time in English X-Factor. Ella is really amazing to me. I love her voice and I think that she is really talented. She can create really great songs. Let check out her new song.
Ella Henderson - Mirror Man

Asgeir - King & Cross (TEEMID Edition)

Let`s listen to something commercial?
Nickelback - She Keeps Me Up

Maybe some latino music?

Something sexy and Korean?
EXID(이엑스아이디)] 위아래 안무 연습 영상

Space Jump Salute ft. Dee Ajayi - Breathe (Original Mix)

Stupid Goldfish - Blindfolded

Miranda Lambert - Little Red Wagon

BluBird - Emotions

Laura Welsh – Undiscovered (FASTER VERSION - Fifty Shades Of Grey)

That`s it. 12 new tracks.
I hope you find here at least one song which you like. If you know any song which is not here, please let me know :D

March Playlist for you:

As a reminder:

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Music Update : New music....cos is March :D

Heeeey :D
I hope you are hungry for new music. I will try to appease this hunger a little bit. Today, I`ve got for you 10 new tracks. This week will be a little bit more commercial than usually, but it doesn't mean that will be worse. If you know any new songs, which you did not found on this blog yet please fell free to write to me in the comments with your proposal. Since you are here, and also you like the music which I am putting here, is big chance that I will like your music also. If I will like your song for sure you will find it this proposal in next update. 
So let`s get started!

Oh Wonder - Technicolour Beat

Iggy Azalea - Trouble ft. Jennifer Hudson

Hozier - Someone New <3

Matt Simons - Catch & Release (Deepend Remix)

Moi je - Fais Rien (Shaparder & LRX Remix)

MAGIC! - No Way No

Robert Delong - Long Way Down

Mandeh & Velvet - Give Me

HONNE - Coastal Love

Janine And The Mixtape - Hold Me

As I promised below you`ll find the Playlist of March, which will be updated each week.

I hope you will find any song today which you would like ;)
- D.
PS:  <<<< ALL ThE BeSt to EvErY WoMeN !!! >>>>

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Playlist : Music Playlist for February! Check this out ;)

Hello to you all!

Finally, I managed to find some time and add a new playlist for you - a collection of new songs from the previous month. I was able to reduce the number of tracks in last month. I hope that this time it will not be so hard to listen to them. Playlist counts 53 pieces.