Sunday, 22 June 2014

Introduction - something about music

What is exactly music for you? The silence killer? Way to spend time? Way to relax, relaxation? Escape? Love? Emotions?

I am sure that the definition of music, everyone can describe otherwise, in such a manner that it feels the most. Of course, it can also make it that will be a lot of people who define the music in a very similar way. Thanks to this we can establish a secure connection: man -> music -> man.

The purpose of my blog will just find people who like this "music merge" together with me. I would like to share here the music that makes me emotional (whatever it will be melody, the words, the music video). When it comes to the type of music, you can find here almost everything, I will not elaborate on it right now, because it can make my surprise in the future as well. I think this place would perfectly fit a quote that I found once at my friend`s social portal: "I live because of music not of genres".

Okay, I think that's enough of this introduction (because who would want to read it all?) and I would like to invite you to follow the blog and share your opinions (not adjusted: positive or negative, so please write whatever you feel like).



PS: This blog is a twin english version of my blog in Polish:

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