Sunday, 29 June 2014


Hi everybody :)

Today when I was walking to the swimming pool I was listening to one of my new tone on my iPod which I discovered a few days ago. I am talking about Cazzette - "Sleepless" ft. The High. This tone inspired me to write today's note on this blog.

Firstly I made a large gap in my writing here and secondly this music video and song put me in a very strange mood that still amazes me and I can not quite describe what I feel when listening to this piece. Is the kind of magic but I guess in the good way. Additionally, after seeing this video I still think about it. I know this is not exactly normal ...but probably I am not on 100% normal..sooo....whatever...

The squad of CAZZETTE is a Swedish DJs: Sebastian Furrer and Alexander Björklund. The two men decided that instead of the create a normal video-clip they will make a mini-movie for the new song of them - "Sleepless". History in this video is about an event that happened in the evening (or in the early morning) in the apartment of a man. It all starts"normal". He, she, wine, good music but in the end, you can find a shocking part. There the end is not super-happy ended or something that could be normally predicted. Besides, look at this clip and just see it for yourself:

So? Who do You like it?

For those who would like to hear the whole piece of this song, I also attach text versions of the song, which can also found on Cazzette`s YT channel:

Since we are in a "specific" music video moment it also came to my mind video-clip of Artic Monkey - "Why` d You Call Me When You `re High?". Admittedly, I watched it again just now and is not putting me any longer  in the same mysterious mood as before, but I think it is worth it to post here as well.

And now I'm going ;)

If anyone has any suggestions, go ahead and write :)



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