Saturday, 24 January 2015

Music Update : Second Part of this Week

Heeelloooo my lovely people!
Today is a time as I promised you for the second part of the music update. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on whatever you like) I wasn`t be able to stop on the number 27 of new songs this week (sorry ;P) and you "need" to listen this week 34 of new tracks. Honestly I do not know what's happening to me this year (or what's going on with the music), but there is a lot of songs, next to which I can not pass by without any notice.

Okay, I am talking and talking but you are waiting for the new music, right?
AAA I forgot to add that, as I promised, today you will find a more varied music :) 

Maroon 5 - Sugar

Fall Out Boy - Uma Thurman

The Weeknd - Earned It (Fifty Shades Of Grey)

Fifth Harmony - Worth It

Cash Cash - Surrender

Punjabi  - Preet Harpal

Petite Meller - Baby Love

Martin Solveig & GTA - Intoxicated

I need to tell you guys that if is going on about I'm still not sure why is here. I think is just a small magic in the video. I just could not take my eyes of this clip and still do not know why; p
GFriend - Glass Bead 

Mad Clown-  Fire Feat. Jinsil <3

MisterWives - Our Own House

Shura - Indecision

and here we have a very "interesting" piece: D Just don`t take it too serious guys;)
Mini Thin - City Bitch - Country Rap Redneck Hillbilly West Virginia

Camila - Quédate

Kill Me Heal Me OST Part.1- 환청 - 장재인 Jang Jane (Feat. NaShow)

Jeremy Camp - I Will Follow (You Are With Me)

Selina 任家萱 [ 3.1415 ...]

Guy Sebastian - Linger ft. Lupe Fiasco

JAY PARK (박재범) - GGG

GAMPER & DADONI x Paul Cook & The Chronicles - Blind Faith

As a reminder, I am adding here links to the previous posts
Enjoy it!
- D.


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