Sunday, 18 January 2015

Music Update : Let`s dance people

Today I am coming back to you with new music update. This time won't be that huge update like last time, but it doesn't mean that will be worst!
The first track, which I want to share with you, is not super fresh song, but because of my wonderful friend Ania I just can not stop listen to this song.

Niki & The Dove - Mother Protect (Goldroom Remix)

Robb - Four By Four (MOUNT Remix)

Áine Aura - Uncover (Mountain Of Youth Remix)

Nick Klein - Paralyzed

Hollow Coves - The Woods (Ghosts Remix)

GingerAle ft. Emma Carn - Riptide

Hardwell feat. Harrison - Sally

Gabriel Rios - Gold (Thomas Jack Remix)

Atlas Bound - Talk (Jerry Folk Remix)

Olympique - Face Down Earth (Urban Contact Remix)

Years & Years - King <3

Empty Minds ft. CAVY - I Know <3

Enjoy it!


I decided to make some changes on my blog. From now on, in addition to "regular" list with the names a youtube videos of new songs, I'll post the playlists.
Due to the fact that music updates usually occur once per week, each week I will publish a new playlist for you. Plus at the end of the month all playlists will be engaged in the whole and I will create a playlist of the month.
The action is taking from this month - so if anyone would like to once again listen to new tracks from the previous week feel free to go to post below:
- 1 Week

Update II:

The Big Playlist of month January 2015 you can find in post Playlist: January 2015

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  1. Nowa partia muzyki elektronicznej? Muszę wziąć się za przesłuchanie. :D
    Posłuchałem kilka utworów i widzę, że wolisz elektronikę w spokojniejszym wydaniu. :) Takim bardziej wyciszającym i mniej łup łup. :) Utwory w miarę ok, chociaż ja wolę odrobinę mocniejszą odmianę EDM. :)


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