Sunday, 22 February 2015

Music Update: Smile people new music is updated

Hello everybody!
Today, let`s get a little bit crazy. I found for you 16 new songs (could be more, but I chose only the pieces which I will put also to my iPod). Ahh, You even did not know how hard it is to not to choose all the songs that I listen to this week. I do not wanna bore you too much, so now trying to restrict some songs in this music update. I wonder how you will be enjoying the music today from this blog. Attention, You will also find some music straight from South Korea.

Sam Feldt - Show Me Love

Roby Fayer - RUN (Ft.Tom Gefen) <3

Empty Minds ft. nø Quincy - Silence

Viceroy - Back At The Start (feat. K Flay)

Lost Frequencies - Are You With Me (Gestört aber GeiL Remix)

Jessie Ware - Champagne Kisses <3

Please watch also the video clip of Florance The Machine ;) 
Florence + The Machine - What Kind Of Man

Alfons - Ganjaman 2015

hmm, what would you say about polish hip-hop?
O.S.T.R. - Ja, Ty, My, Wy, Oni feat. Sacha Vee

Spanish proposition :D
El Perdón - Nicky Jam & Enrique Iglesias

...I got bills
I gotta pay
So I'm gonn' work, work, work everyday...

LunchMoney Lewis - Bills

As I promised - Korean tracks :D
shake that brass xD
AMBER 엠버_SHAKE THAT BRASS (Feat. 태연 (소녀시대)

15& "사랑은 미친짓(Love is Madness) (feat. Kanto of TROY)

MYNAME(마이네임)  too very so MUCH (너무 very 막)  <3

4MINUTE - 미쳐(Crazy)

Now it's time for a wonderful combination of k-pop music and the movements of Taekwondo made by awesome Taekwondo team - K - Tigers. Please watch this video, is totally worth it. To be honest, I was very impressed. That much that in the next hour after watching this video I watched more videos of K-Tigers: D
JJCC - 질러(Fire) Army Taekwondo version

Ok, I hope you like it ;D 

Playlist from February Playlist

- D.

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  1. Florence and the Machine!! Love that song!!! Ahh perfect way to start the day, with your music compilation!


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