Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Music + blog big update


I wanted to warn you before the great changes that are getting ready. It is possible that today the time has come to release the last new music update on this blog. I have not yet decided on this in 100%, but it could happen.

My regular readers, do not worry too much, however I will not stop writing and I will continue to post new songs on the Internet. I decided that I will no longer led two separate blogs regarding the same subject. Maybe not everyone knows, but in addition to this blog also run the Polish version (you can check it out here). Since October I am starting a new blog on the WordPress site, which will be a combination of both my blogs. Link can be found here -> themusicwonderland.wordpress.com. I would like warmly invate you to my new blog.

And now for the last time (probably) music update:

[New songs are available now in the New Playlist (Please check the top right corner) or HERE].

<<< Let`s Stay Positive Together >>>
- D.

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