Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Playlist : January 2015

Hello everybody!

Today is actually the day where finally I can share with you the music which I found in previous month.
I made a huge playlist with 95 songs. Hope you will find something what you would like!


as a reminder please see the previous notes with Weekly Updates.

- D.


  1. Wow 95 songs! That is a huge playlist! Will definitely take me a while to get through all of those....!!!

    I really liked this song though - kind of matches my mood today! The lyrics are perfect!

  2. Wow, this playlist is enormous. I noticed some songs which I know and also like. What is surprising for me that I liked song of Avicii. o.O The Days was awful, the same with Wake Me Up, Hey Brother etc. Sia, very good song, high in my chart of 2014. I have to listen new song of LuvBug.
    Certainly, I'm Polish but if your blog is English, I also can comment this language. It's also type of training.


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