Monday, 26 September 2016

New songs..Allanman Brown, Lukas Graham and other...


How went your weekend? I admit that mine passed very well. In the end, I managed to catch up with the fifth season of Game of Thrones, so now I just need to watch the season from his year. I must admit that the fifth season really positively surprised me. Virtually every episode was not boring (as at times in previous seasons - that for almost 50 minutes was nothing special happened, and then the last minutes of the film booom! Action).

The next good news is that finally, I decided to buy a new monitor. At the beginning, I tried to hold with this decision due to the fact that I do not know how long I'll be still in Brno - but whatever, I'll worry about it later. Now, I have no regret. In the end, I can watch movies / series / music videos on a larger screen, plus I can write a blog on the laptop`s screen, at the same time. Really, it makes my life so much better. I strongly recommend having extra monitor ;).

Alright. Time for new music. I can not only just babble and babble, so better I will stop.
New song:

  • Allman Brown - Rivers (ConKi x RAMI Remix)
  • Niklas Ibach feat. Dan Reeder - The Blues
  • Three Dog Night - One Is The Loneliest Number (BOWNZ Remix)
  • Lukas Graham - Mama Said

  • [New songs are available now in the New Playlist (Please check the top right corner) or HERE].

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