Sunday, 15 March 2015

Music Update: Let`s welcome new week with new music

I would like to welcome you very warmly,
Unfortunately, the weather in Brno did not spoiled anybody this weekend  - is cold and raining. Last weekend was opposite - sunny and nice, but I spend it in my bed because I catch a cold (I know amazing way to spend free time T_T). Yeah, you can not have everything, right?. Ok, I will not linger here. The fact, that I could stay a little longer in the house, I found the time to search internet for new tracks that I hope you will like it. Then playlist March will be expanded today, I hope I made you happy, because of that?
So let`s get started!
Nite Swim - Pool Party

Not I time for the song which I found during watching Korean drama - "It`s okay, That`s Love". (Yes, I admit.I am addicted to Korean dramas. GUILTY!)
The once - You're My Best Friend

My love for this singer was born during listen to her for the very first time in English X-Factor. Ella is really amazing to me. I love her voice and I think that she is really talented. She can create really great songs. Let check out her new song.
Ella Henderson - Mirror Man

Asgeir - King & Cross (TEEMID Edition)

Let`s listen to something commercial?
Nickelback - She Keeps Me Up

Maybe some latino music?

Something sexy and Korean?
EXID(이엑스아이디)] 위아래 안무 연습 영상

Space Jump Salute ft. Dee Ajayi - Breathe (Original Mix)

Stupid Goldfish - Blindfolded

Miranda Lambert - Little Red Wagon

BluBird - Emotions

Laura Welsh – Undiscovered (FASTER VERSION - Fifty Shades Of Grey)

That`s it. 12 new tracks.
I hope you find here at least one song which you like. If you know any song which is not here, please let me know :D

March Playlist for you:

As a reminder:


  1. Having a cold can be a good thing as long as you find someone to take care of you.


  2. Widze coraz mniej elektroniki się pojawia na liście tych piosenek. Sporo koreańskich piosenek czy zwykłego popu np. Ella Henderson.


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