Sunday, 26 April 2015

Music Update: Let`s get ready for new music :D

Hello my dear people!
During the week, I made myself busy with changing a little bit the appearance of that blog. Personally, I really like those changes, so I hope you will like them too. Overall, I am a person who made the changes very often and I do not like when everything is in one place for an extended period of time. So for example the furniture in my room are changing position so often :) Let me know how do you like the new look and if there are any pieces from today's update which you'll like it :)
I invite you to my propositions:
Cajsa Siik - Higher (Lakechild Remix)

This song I dedicated to my little sister Kamila, who sent it to me ages ago, and my ear caught this song just now: D Has a nice climate, is not it?
XIA 준수 - 꽃 (FLOWER )

Now I present a song to improve your humor :D Enjoy! <Shake that booty booty> :D
박진영(J.Y. Park) "어머님이 누구니(Who's your mama?) (feat. Jessi)"

Let`s go to another kind of music
VÉRITÉ - Colors

Panic! At The Disco: Hallelujah

Ricky Martin - Mr. Put It Down ft. Pitbull

and the last i would put something...Korean :D
UNIQ(유니크) _ EOEO


And it would be for now x D
aaa I forgot, I have updated April Playlist for you 
Peace & Kisses

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