Sunday, 16 August 2015

Music Update. 11 new songs. Main song of this week: korean song TigerJK(타이거JK) _ 이글거려 (Feat. YOON MIRAE(윤미래), Bizzy)


I should sleep already, but I can not afford to leave blog without Sunday's musical update. I had a really busy weekend, so it was hard to find a time and introduce you to my new tracks. Yesterday, together with my two girlfriends I had a tour in Vienna (I recommend highly! On Little Mole`s blog soon should appear a post with the photos. Instagram already slowly diversifies with memories of the Austrian capital). Okay, when it comes to music I have for you 11 new proposals.

The song of the week:
TigerJK(타이거JK) _ 이글거려 (Feat. YOON MIRAE(윤미래), Bizzy)
(the recommendation of my sister kAMi)

Rest tracks:
MICAR - This Time It´s My Life
Polarheart - Dystopia
Natasha North - Gather And Run (Thero Remix)
Kygo - Piano Jam (Alex Bay 'Sound Of The Piano' Vocal Version)
Matisse & Sadko - Memories
Billie Marten - Headlights (Monkey Punch Remix)
Nicko Veaz ft. Widma - Won't Let Go
The Jackson 5 - ABC (N2N & Andie Roy Remix)
Mandelbarth - Palmtree
Beth - Don't You Worry Child (Charming Horses Remix)  
(the recommendation of my sister kAMi)

The Playlist :D

Peace & Kisses

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