Friday, 28 August 2015

Music Update: New week, new songs, new memories :D


I greet you after a little break! Unfortunately, my holiday did not allow me to sit at home in front of a computer. My vacation have passed, of course extremely quickly. My skin also went through red from the sun, but it was worth it. Each day which I spent in Poland was really great. Finally, I could see one of my sisters, parents, best friend and "Tri-City" friends. The other bad news (the first was the one that did not give any update on Sunday) is that this Sunday is likely that I will be not able to write any new post. I'm going to camp (so small continuation of my holidays). Ok, is time for a music!

This week I have for you 7 new songs and one elder, which simultaneously is the song of the week. Why? Well, during my holiday I was also at my small town. On one day, I had a really nice surprise. I had the chance to be on the concert of polish rapper O.S.T.R. It was a really nice surprise, which reminded me of my junior high school days.

Song of the week:
O.S.T.R. - Kochana Polsko

rest of the songs:

Katelyn Tarver - Weekend Millionaires (Samuraii Remix)

SAINT WKND feat. INGLSH - Lost (Runaway)

XY&O - Lights On

Jackson Breit - I Love Myself (Jean Blanc Remix)

HYUNA(현아) - '잘나가서 그래 (Feat. 정일훈 Of BTOB)' (Roll Deep) - (song recommended by my little sister)

Eklo Ft. Jordin Laine - Feel So High (Pegato Remix)

FDVM feat. Josh Wantie - Brightest Light 

and which songs You liked the most in this week?

Peace & Kisses

- D.

PS: Full Playlist from this month!

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