Sunday, 6 September 2015

New Music guys! and the one of the song is.....KarlK feat. GuitK - Daydreamer

I greet you again in September. Unfortunately, my physical condition is not too high this weekend. Fever, runny nose and headache are not helping my musical creativity. Frankly at the moment even pressing the buttons on a laptop makes me a little trouble. Fortunately, this week (before my illness), I managed to collect 13 new songs. Pardon me in this situation, I will just introduce you to new songs  and I am going back straight to bed.

Song of the week:
KarlK feat. GuitK - Daydreamer
Timeflies - Guilty
Tep No feat. Heather Janssen - Safe Dream
Felix Jaehn - Book of Love (ft. Polina)

Avicii - For A Better Day

Avicii - Pure Grinding

Eagle Eye Cherry - Save Tonight (EigenARTig Remix)

Stephen - Remembering Myself

The Weeknd - The Hills (Sarah Close Cover x Proga Remix)

Izzard & Blankts - Threads

Vice Ganda - Wag Kang Pabebe (Official Music Video)

FDVM feat. Josh Wantie - Brightest Light (Original Mix)

Turtl3 ft. Islove - Oasis

That's all!
aaa I forgot Playlist!

Stay healthy!
- D

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