Sunday, 14 February 2016

Small concert can be cool as well - Aby Wolf

Hello everybody!

Not so long ago I was lucky to participate in the concert of  duo Twenty One Pilots. I still remember this day very well. My relations from this concert I described HERE. Since I started the section "concerts" I decided that I will describe a concert, which I join a few months ago. Exactly in August, the American artist Aby Wolf visited Brno and gave a great concert at the club Kabinet Muz.

Due to the fact...

Due to the fact that it was the middle of the week, and Aby was rather little-known, the club was perfect for a dozen people but also the club was able to create a great concert atmosphere. A nice fact was that everybody who wanted to talk with the artist has an opportunity to do it. Aby turned out to be really nice and friendly person. She was also curious about the people who came to the show. So we could talk with her a long time. I was also surprised that after the concert, she still remembered our names, I think this fact made her even more sweet. The show was a really interesting experience for me. Artist introduced to everybody her musical world by using the voice and  talent. American girl represents that kind of music, which I can hardly describe. Luckily, the SoundCloud helped me a little, so the type of her music is Space Pop, Pop Electric. Anyway, you can find her new album below.

I honestly prefer her live perform more than the studio performance. I also think that this is normal feeling after seeing the real artist on live show. Anyway, I was lucky to take part in this little event and get to know the person, who was performed on the stage. It occurred to me one question. Which kind of concerts do you prefer more? These intimate with a few people or larger events?
Please, share your thoughts below.

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