Sunday, 7 February 2016

twenty øne piløts @Praha


I wanted to share with you an amazing experience that I had on Friday. Together with my sincere friend Anja we went to capital of Czech Republic for a concert of amazing american duo twenty øne piløts. Tickets were released for sale from October, so we bought them as soon they were avaiable. It turned out that the tickets were sold out very quicly, so we were really lucky that we did not miss the date. Actualy, I was a little surprised by this fact, because when I mentioned to my friends in the Czech Republic about this concert almost nobody knew the band. Ok, I must also admit that I was not a big fan of Twenty One Pilots neither. The first time I heard about them last year in May. Exactly fascination began after hearing the song "Ride", which, after finding I posted on the blog (note here). Then one of my colleagues posted on his Facebook another song from the newest album "Polorize", which further encouraged me to listen more deeply to plate Blurryface. It's October. My very good friend sent me an invitation on fb, to participate in the concert of twenty øne piløts in Prague. I needed just few seconds, and I knew that I could not miss it. I do not regretted my decision for a moment and I was patiently waiting for February 5th.


5.02 2016, 18:30 - Lucerna Music Bar. The young DJ from the Czech Republic, Dead Sailor heats the audience to have fun. I and Ania reach the place a little after 19. We're trying to find the best place to see what is happening on stage. Fortunately, it turned out that almost anywhere everybody was able to see the artist. We chose a place on the right side, near to the bar. Except for one annoying couple in front of me, who had the need to touch each other and express their feelings, the place was perfect.

Hour 20:00 duo twenty øne piløts enters the scene. This what has happened a moment later I define as a magic. Both boys showed how good they feel on stage and about the audience, also they shared with all of us their music. Every song was amazing. I was able to feel how guys and audience was enjoying every single second. It was clear that no person there did not appear by accident. Everything there was right. It awakened in me even bigger desire to joining more concerts like this one. I have plan to go for two concerts in the first half of this year, but we'll see. Everything could happen, so maybe I will be able to see even more. (I hope so!).

Okay, below you can find my video, which I was able to assemble. Please, just do not expect anything amazing. The video is completely recorded by me by my phone.

;) Enjoy :)

kisses & peace

- D.

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