Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Music Sum up of the January


How are you? How do you like this "winter" season? Frankly, I am delighted that this year's winter outside the window was so short. I do not like the cold, so the temperature on plus in February is very welcome for me. Ok, let do not talk about the weather. Maybe let's get more into music. Last month I add to the blog 40 new songs. Deep I wondered what songs should stand out here as the best song of the month. And guess what happened? Last month I posted concert`s song of due twenty one pilots. Accident? I don`t think so. So, I need to put this song, right?  The fact that the performance is great also - so this song MUST be posted  here today:

Twenty One Pilots: Heavydirtysoul (Live at the Fox Theater)

The second song is a song which I discovered in December, but because I listened to it hundreds of times in January it should show up on this post as well. And it is:

뮤지컬 데스 노트 MV_Death Note (홍광호)

The other songs:

Hippie Sabotage - Devil Eyes

Tep No - Me And My Guitar

지코 (ZICO) - 너는 나 나는 너 (I am you, you are me)


Coldplay - Hymn For The Weekend

It was my favorite songs in the previous month. And what is yours?

Here's my playlist of January:

Peace & Kisses


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