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Melt! Festival Summary

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I came back from this awesome festival alive and really happy. I think the Melt! Festival was something what I really needed. It is true that the feeling in the ears, which I had in the first days after were not pleasant, but it was worth it.

Organizationally, everything seemed to be perfectly for me (except for showers - € 2 for conditions that there was far too expensive. The situation in the barracks with showers was challenging - first, it was necessary to find a dry patch of boards on our dry (yet) things. Then enter the elevated board along with several other girls / boys, depending on which part of the entered, and use the water that was coming straight from the top. Zero privacy and hygiene and even dry things often become wet there). OK, I will not complain more ,I survived and I have no infection (probably) did not catch. I even managed to sleep in the tent for two in three people. Not problems for someone who wants something. The muscles in my legs are probably also stronger by daily marching and jumping under the stage. Not forgetting the light tan, which I was able to get (okay, I'm still white - but my skin was promoted by a small brown colour on it).

During the festival, I was able to meet many new artists are as well known to me, who presented an amazing performance. Before leaving to Germany, I tried to listen to all the artists who were there. For my little list, I posted only artists such as Disclosure (best performance of the entire festival), Mura Masa (zero disappointment), Vessels (firecracker, nice start of the festival), Jamie Woon (big disappointment), Chvrches (for which I was not able to stay to the end). Fortunately, thanks to my friends with whom I went, my concert schedule looked pretty busy.

Okay, but let's start from the beginning. Thursday evening - the departure from Brno to the direction of Germany. Friday morning (around 5-6 am) spacing of tents and prepare for sleep. About 12 - a trip to the store for supplies. Back to the tent, food, dress up etc. About 16 - march toward scenes (such march from the camp field to the first festival scene lasted usually around 30 minutes). During such a march you could meet a lot of interesting personalities and well-dressed people. I do not want anyone who lives in the Czech Republic to offend, but I miss watching the well-dressed people as the festival Melt! guys. Lately, also came to the conclusion that the German style of dress matched my taste.

I'll try to describe briefly the place where concerts were held. I'm still in great shock as everything was very well organised. The festival took place in an area called Ferropolis - which is also an open industrial museum. On its territory, you can admire the big, old machines that they measure 30 meters high, 120 meters long and weigh about 1,980 tonnes. Photos you can admire below.

Melt! Stage
Melt! Stage

During the festival, there were distributed a few scenes, on which  always was something going on. The main concert scenes were:
  • Melt! Stage
  • Medusa
  • Big Wheel Stage
  • Gremmin Beach
  • Melt! Selektor
  • Orangerie
Short Video:

I started my festival with pretty good beat together with formation Vessels [Homepage, Facebook]. It was a really great start and a very good weekend announcement of huge fun. The energy which artists donated the audience was amazing. Then I went to a performance of Roosevelt [Homepage, Facebook]. It was okay. Unfortunately, due to Vessels show, I started to be picky. Therefore, a concert of Jamie Woon [Homepage, Facebook] practically I did not like it that much. It is a fact that I knew only one of his song "Shoulda", but it was not something I necessarily want to see.

Jamie Woon

Musa Masa
Musa Masa
Gold Pada [preparing for the concert]
After a small disappointment came a time for Mura Masa [Homepage, Facebook]. Artists were amazing. Again I jumped next to the stage like a fool. Baa, at the moment when they finally performed my favourite song "What If I Go" I was in seventh heaven. I admit even that I had a long time to assert after their concert. Wonderful experience. However, this was not the end. One of my friends shout the name Gold Panda [SoundCloud, Facebook]and took us to the stage Melt! Selector, where we could get to the stage barriers. During this concert strongly I regretted that I did not have earplugs (I highly recommend it if you are going to get under the stage), but the concert was very successful and gave me quite an impression.

Interesting experience for me was the performance of Yo! SISSY (Drag Show). At the beginning it was interesting, but after a while - frightening. I do not know how to describe this feeling. Firstly, the artist rapped very well, but then jumped into the audience and began a strange dance. I was not convinced that I'm ready for this type of show. I like how artists are close, but not so much.

At the end of the day, I had the pleasure to jump to the music of Boys Noize [Homepage, Facebook].  Another positive surprise. As much energy as he gave us, I can tell this guy was amazing. Unfortunately, it was the last Friday`s concert for us so we went to the place where the event took place almost non-stop - Sleepless Floor.

Gremmin Beach Stage

food break during listening to Two Door Cinema Club

The second day started a little later for us. We started from the concert Oddisee & Good Company [Homepage, Facebook]. Then we have dab a little to Two Door Cinema Club [Homepage, Facebook], then we jumped to experience something amazing which was a performance of Ho99o9  [Homepage, Facebook]. And here I need to give a huge WOW. I must admit that I never would probably come to mind to post the songs of this formation to my iPod, but their show was definitely something I wanted to experience. They were terrific on stage. I can also take a risk by saying that for me they were the star of the day.

Jamie xx
When the excitement subsided a little, we went to see Kode9 [Homepage, Facebook, SoundCloud], then Kollektiv Turmstrasse [Homepage, Facebook]. My dear friend Anja before going to the festival extolled Boiler-room of DJ Solomun [Homepage, Facebook], therefore, we could not even get past the piece execution. I took a lot of energy from the performance of Jamie xx [Homepage, Facebook]. This boy was indeed sensational, but my fatigue has already shown up.  At the end, we went to a party at Modeselektor [Homepage, Facebook], which remind me, unfortunately, I could not take any longer, and I should go and take some sleep.

Day number three. Unfortunately, the last. On this day, most of the time we were walking around from the stage to stage. We listened to the music of an SG Lewis [Facebook, SoundCloud], Motor City Drum Ensemble [Homepage, Facebook] or Chvrches [Tumblr, Facebook]. They were all okay. But until when we went to the Medusa stage again, something changed inside me and it was caused because of this band call Digitalism [Homepage, Facebook]. The boys were terrific. I did not know them before, but when I listened to them it seemed to me that I know their pieces. The audience has so much fun and (I even managed to be wet because of the spilt beer by some guy, who later where chased by security guys - an interesting experience).

I would not be myself if I would not scream words of Disclosure [Homepage, Facebook]. My boys were amazing. After the concert, to which I went with Anja over two years ago in Prague these two artists permanently come in my musical heart. The English boys did not disappoint me at all. They gave us all so much energy and sadenly I felt sad that it's over. I think it was not my last festival, so the ears up!

However, I would not be me if I have not checked at the end of what is happening in Sleepness Floor area before leaving. We found there behind the DJ console the  popular Belgian DJ - Ellen Allien [Homepage, Facebook]. She played really fast and deep techno, which my poor ears, unfortunately, could not take it too long. So in this accent, I finished my wonderful festival in Germany.

I wanted also to mention here about the people and the atmosphere that surrounded me all the days of the festival. Everyone there was so relaxed and joyful. I did not see any fights, everyone was in a great mood. I have not heard of any stealing, which made me feel even safer there. No one anywhere pushed anybody. Even if someone tried to get into the scene (my case) no smacked, no one criticised, baaa even they did me a free way so I could go easly. Something amazing. Worth to experience and behold. I already miss this place so much.

And now, time for a small festival`s playlist  :).


<<< Let's stay positive together >>>
- D.

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