Friday, 22 July 2016

Sorry! I forgot about the last playlist!


I do not know how it happened, but I completely forgot about the summary of the previous playlist. July is almost over and I still didn't do anything about June`s Playlist. Sorry guys.
Ok, Let`s get started:
  • Number of songs: 24
  • Number of my favourite songs: 4

Of course I need to mention here twenty one pilots with song Heathens - otherwise I would have probably died.

The next "must to be here"

Jonas Blue - Perfect Strangers ft. JP Cooper

Mix of my love artist from festival - Mura Masa and the band Foals, who brings only good memories to me. - Night Swimmers (Mura Masa Edit)

What do we still have on the playlist. Yeah! Alan Walker and his Sing Me To Sleep.

As the last - full playlist!
<<< Let`s stay positive together >>>
- D.

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