Sunday, 11 October 2015

New muuusic guys! Enjoy!


I wanted to write something special to start this entry, but after writing world "Hey" and sitting a few minutes nothing interesting came to my mind. This week especially was not one of my favorites week this year. Well, is awesome that I still have the music to which I can extremely escape. So the best thing for me is to shut myselves in a room and look for some new music on my MP3 player. Well, I found .... 19 new songs. Now, if I had to choose a song of the week I would have an issue with it. That's why this week is going to be 3 songs of the week; D

The songs of this week are:

And here you have the Playlist from this month:

List of the new songs from this week:

Peace & Kisses
- D.

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