Friday, 6 May 2016

Let`s talk about Moderat Concert


As I promised, so I am writing for you. This past weekend I had the chance to listen to a live concert of formation Moderat. Maybe I should also write briefly who that people so some of you could know, about who I am talking about.

Moderat - Electronic duo which includes Modeselektor (Gernot Bronsert & Sebastian Szary) and Apparat (Sascha Ring). The first sounds in this squad began to create in 2002. The Moderat is a random combination of different styles of music that have their origin from the Berlin electronic scene. By representatives of Modeselektor are famous for creating high-energy music, heavy bass combined with a variety of world music and hip-hop. Meanwhile, Apparat - more out of joining the electronic pop of the surrounding clear sound synthesizers. Until now, the musicians created together three albums that stand really high in my opinion.

More about Moderat you can read on their official website HERE

Time for my short report:

First, I bought a ticket, and second I started to think.
My dear friend Anja during our trip back from phenomenal concert Twenty One Pilots (report HERE) told me what she will go for a concert of Moderat in Wrocław. She also introduced me to few songs of them. It was one moment, one impulse and I knew it that she is not going there alone.

A big advantage (but only at the very beginning) was a place of the concert. I visited Wroclaw only once, and the fact that our colleague with whom we went to concert live near to the primary designated place of the concert - the Club Eter. After some time, it turned out that show`s interest is still growing, so the organizers wanted to satisfy a greater number of people (and also the bank account) decided to change the venue.

1. The choice was the Convention Center, which is located ..... expressing decently .... really far. To get there was a huge challenge. It was not easy to reach and the center lasted over an hour. We had to contend with public transportation constantly changing connections because there was nothing direct to get to the event. In the end, we lost the fight with public transport and we called a taxi. Unluckily, the weather was terrible, so my satisfaction of the organization of the concert drastically dropped. When we finally arrived it was not better. I went out from the taxi and in front of my eyes appeared a huge ... tent. My first impression?  - damn is really low, but I'll have a chance. Yes, let`s try to think positive.

2. Next stop - place, where our tickets should be check - it turned out that tickets were checked with a weak result. I know people who have managed to go in there without showing anything. I wonder how many people came with no ticket at all.

3. Okay, finally i am inside this tent. What can I see? Big queues to the dressing room. I come closer, and here another surprise. Cloakroom fee. Now I can be at your eyes a very inexperienced concert person, but as someone who pays more than 100 zł per ticket, although probably should have paid locker rooms. I left the jacket, paid and went closer and closer to the stage and there it was waiting for me another shock moment.

4. No one was checking us! There was no safety security checking. Nothing! I'm trying just to remember if I saw any security guys, and I must admit that I do not remember. Maybe they were well hiding. According to me, it was weak and dangerous. If my mom found out that during such a big event virtually nothing was checked, I think she would bury me. Yes, my mother is sometimes really pessimistic. Fortunately, none of the more than two thousand crowd was not injured. Therefore, at the beginning, I unnecessarily was worried.

5. Now, I should only write about the positives aspects, but unfortunately, I have to mention before, the fact that the scene was located too low. Practically nothing could be seen. Nearly the whole concert I stopped on my fingers, and I was standing in the middle of the pack next the sound system. I think I'll stop and linger longer, but write what I liked.

6. Fortunately, Moderat satisfied me musically, so that the organizational matters fell to a ground-floor level. I just needed the first sound of the first note and extracted from the throat of the artist and I was already full of happiness. Visualizations, which were prepared by the band were amazing. Everything that was prepared by them it was professional. The audience appreciated the efforts of Moderat and everybody has incredibly fun. This feeling that whoever got there, was not by accident, it was amazing. Moderat probably also noticed that everybody was enjoying the time there, they played longer than it was on schedule and they also were coming back on stage two times, when everybody thought that it was a finish. The first coming back was after huge applauded in thanks for a great show, and the other it was in the least expected moment. After when all lights were turned on to help the audience to leave the place and already  half of the people left, the artists jumped back on stage, asking if you want more. It was a really nice surprise. Don't you think?

(videos made by me)

7. Unfortunately, all good things must have the end, so we had to get ready to leave. We survived through the queues to the lockers, jumped to the crowded bus (which fortunately has been substituted by the organizers, otherwise everyone would have to spend a fortune for a taxi) and we went to the After Party.

8. After Party held (for me) in one of the best places to party. Gothic Hall is not enough that they look amazing. It was freaking amazing. The atmosphere there was unforgettable. Music has great distributed, and DJs which were behind the console really kidnapped crowd. I felt like I participated in the next amazing concert.

9. Summary. My evaluation: Organization - 5/10. Artists 10/10.

Support Moderata: SHED / France
DJ-e z After Party: Solee Live! (Parquet Recordings) / Stuttgart
Seb & Rodrigezz / Projekt Pralnia / Wrocław
Mistic / BRESLAU TECHNO / Wrocław
Michal Gutkowski (Polish Rave Order) / Poznań
Tayler (Audiopole) / Poznań
Redroom (Lethal Dose Recordings) / Poznań

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