Tuesday, 17 May 2016

New section in blog - Music Fashion


I think a lot lately about my blog. What should I improve? How can I make this blog be more readable? First, I change the layout on this blog . I hope is better and easier went trough the posts now. Then I had the idea of new sections. The first section, which I would like to introduce to you is Music Fashion. You will find there the fashion that accompanies various musical genres, artists, and fans. I think this is an interesting topic. What do you think about this idea?

Today, the shooting goes to K-POP and its artists. Why? Due to the fact that personally I like this style the most. It is a combination of sporty style and fashion accessories. Today, I would show you the male version. My favorite fashionable artists can easily include a leader of band Big Bang - G Dragon and band EXO. What do I like the most about the style of those artists? That it is universal. Such clothes can be wear by both genders, so easily boys and girls can feel comfortable wearing them. Pulled out, long shirts, big logs on clothes, hats, sunglasses, comfortable athletic shoes. Anyway, see the pictures below (also mine). As a bonus I added the songs, so you can see the style of the guys at different angles.






 삐딱 하게 (CROOKED)



늑대 와 미녀 (Wolf)


What do you think of this style? This is one of the proposals of K-pop. From what I've seen, that different artists have different styles, but more about it I will write another time :)

I look forward to your feedback.

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