Sunday, 15 May 2016

Ukraina - about the winning Eurovision 2016


Who of you did yesterday watch the final of the Eurovision Song Contest? How was it? Did you like it? Unfortunately, none of my types (which I wrote about -> here) won. The winner of this year's festival was a talented representative of Ukraine - Jamala with the song called 1944. I am very happy with this chose. And now I will say why. Honestly, after first listen to Ukrainian proposition I was not sure if they have any chance to win, but I liked the song. After hearing Jamala`s live performance on Thursday in the semi-final and last night it occurred to me that this song has this "something" and can have a chance of winning. But the further I was still hoping Israel to win. 29-year-old Hovi Star really aroused in me a great impression during a live performance. Unfortunately, there has not been much appreciated for his song (14th position). Such a pity.


Anyway, what do you think about the rating system of this competition? I will say that yesterday during watching how different countries were handing out the voices, then how real people vote for their favorites doubted in me the fairness of the competition. Something is not right there. I followed the comments of people on the official website of the Eurovision and I could not believe how many people think the same way. Take the example of a song of Michał Szpak (Polish representative).

Voting of jury:

Azerbaijan - 2 points
Norway - 1 point
Lithuania - 3 points
Montenegro - 1 point

TOTAL - 7 points, which gave the position of 25th in the competition (of 26)

Voices from an audience - 221 points. What made Michał jumped on 8th position.

I not have been following the vote in the previous years, but from what I read on the internet was the same. Poland was not much appreciated by the jury, but the audience vote occupied the peak position. And now the question. Is it really my country performed poorly compared to other songs, because so little gets points from the jury? Maybe embroiled vote is the policy? Or just we have such a strong Polish community abroad who voted for Michał of sentiment to our country. I do not know how it really is, but something's not right here. And what is your opinion on that?

Performance final winner:

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