Sunday, 8 May 2016

Here you have my fav songs from April


Above I would like to present to you a collection of all the songs which I collected in the last month. The list includes 27 tracks. I'm curious which pieces do you like the most. As for me, from the April playlists, this time, it was very easy to choose my favorite of favorites :).

 # 1. K Flay - Make Me Fade - Audiotree Live <3

...Swear I've been trying to reach you I'm dying
You kill me why you keep your phone all on silent
Recognize my role, I fuc*ed up the timing
But you and I lately been acting like islands
You know you make me
You make me fade, you make me fade...

# 2. Bearson - Want You (feat. Cal)
I want you, I want you more, I want you more than I want you more than i want to...

# 3. Mura Masa - What If I Go?
....Wherever you go
I'm going with you babe
Going with you babe....

# 4. K.Flay - FML (Vanic Remix)
I need to stop
I been doing too much
I been running too fast
I been testing my luck
I love my life
But when I open up my blurry eyes
It's not as nice
Fuck my life
I love my life...

Do you have any suggestions, which did not appear on the blog? Feel free to share :)

<<< Stay awesome >>>
peace & kisses
- D.

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