Saturday, 9 May 2015

Music Update: My proposition for your mp3 player :D

Hi folks!

You can not even imagine how hard it is today to me to write my post. It is almost midnight and I can not concentrate on what I write, so if you find a lot of mistakes please pretend that you are not seeing them (thanks!). I also want to apologize to my regular readers of the previous weekend. As I explained in a previous post, last weekend I spent in Berlin (without any computer!) That`s way last weekend you didn't find nothing here. I am sorry. This weekend I found for you 11 songs!

Shall we?

Pitbull - Fun (Audio) ft. Chris Brown

Efecto Pasillo - Cuando Me siento bien

Due to the fact that from many years I love Ne-Yo, I really need (well, I just have to!) Add a remix of one of his song: D

Ne-Yo - So Sick (Le Boeuf Remix)

Abstract - Neverland (ft. Ruth B) (Prod. Blulake)

Jawster & Eklo - Weightless

Danrell X Småland - Hostage

GIANTS - Throwback (feat. Josef Salvat)

Shake Go - England Skies (Anaa Remix)

Phoebe Ryan - Dead (Hellberg Remix)

Patrick Baker - Since I Let The Memory Of You Go

and guess what I will put in the end? Small hint: what kind of music is missing here? Yeah: D k-pop: D (thanks Kami!)

방탄 소년단 (BTS) - 'I NEED U'


aaa I forgot about the playlist!

Peace & Kisses
- D,

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