Sunday, 24 May 2015

Music Update: Catch me if you can :D New music for you guys

Hello To You!

After my day-long researchers and selection "of those coolest" pieces for the blog, I am ready to present you the newest songs that I found for you. I would also like to scream THANK YOU to my lovely sisters Agnieszka and Kami, which help me to find four new pieces. Thanks to Aga in the blog you will find Flight Facilities, and thanks to Kamila - all Korean songs. Thanks, again girls!

And now I begin to present to you new songs.

M. O - Preach (Sean Glass Radio Edit)

filous - How Hard I Try (Feat. James Hersey)

SHINee 샤이니 - View

In this song, I fell in love from the first note. I know that is nothing so unusual about it, but apparently it has something magic about this song that caused it has not undergone beside me indifferently. The first time I heard it (and it is by pure accident!) it was when I was listening to my subscriptions on youtube, and this song just flew under the "Ads" on youtube. Hmm, maybe it was destiny? Who know?
 I also recommend to you to watch the video also ;)

Walking On Cars - Catch Me If You Can <3

and thanks to the voice of Outkast it starts reminded me of my junior high school days: D

Outkast - Roses (PLS & TY Remix)

Corey Andrew & TJK - Rising Sun <3

Atlas Bound - Landed on Mars

Astrid S - 2AM (mats Remix)

The next song with sentimental and my weakness for Snow Patrol

Gabriel & Castellon - Shut Your Eyes

Flight Facilities - Clair De Lune feat. Christine Hoberg

Peking Duk - Take Me Over feat. Safia (Sonny Fodera Remix)

Mr. G Sings - The Caged Bird Sings

Jason Derulo - "Broke" ft. Stevie Wonder and Keith Urban

Twenty One Pilots: Ride

AMES - Fluid

HISTORY (히스토리) _ Just Might Die (죽어 버릴 지도 몰라)

N.Flying (엔 플라잉) - 기가 막혀 (Awesome)


And how you liked the proposal of this week? Maybe you know something that according to you should appear on the blog? I am open to listening to all propositions.

Peace & Kisses

- D.

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