Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Music Shows – X-factor? The Voice ?

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Today I would like to share with you one of my posts which I made for my polish blog last year. Is about one of my big addiction. So, I am not sure if you know but I'm addicted to music programs. I love to watch them, I love to discover new talents and love to share emotions. Obviously, my favourite part of the show are castings.

I tried also collect on youtube my favourites performances. I admit also that I found a lot of shows which I really like. Therefore, I will try to snow you the performances which I like one by one. And at the beginning let me introduce you two Ladies for whom I was from the beginning till the end.

Melanie Amaro. The winner of the first edition of the American X-factor. And here is the casting of this extraordinary person:

and one of the prongs: Melanie Amaro - I Have Nothing - Live Show 1

Unfortunately,  Melanie has not released any album yet while winning the first edition of the American X-Factor in 2011, that 23-year-old girl had the opportunity to contract with Syco Music and Epic Records. I just hope that she will not be forgotten and she will come back to the big stage.

My next discovery was a phenomenal Korean girl - Dami Im, who won the fifth edition of the Australian X-Factor in 2013. Dami had a chance of achieving her debut album, which released in November 2013, thanks to record label Sony Music Australia. 26-year-old enthused me, with the great audition and sense of humor. Anyway, see by yourself her great performance:

Dami Im - Hero

Here's another performance -  Dami during the Bootcamp

Unfortunately, the girl forgot the lyrics, so the performance was not full but fortunately after the program X-Factor Dami has a chance to sing Dolly`s Parton song in the whole version. Listen to one of these embodiments, for me personal is the revelation:

Dami Im - Jolene

c.d.n .......

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