Sunday, 29 November 2015

Yes, I am addicted to music shows....


Last year I made a post about my two favorite finalists of X-Factor American and Australian ( you can see this post directly by clicking the LINK). Today, I decided to go back in time and look at my private playlist of my favorite performances. My desire to seek my playlist came from the fact that at this point I'm at the stage with watching the three music programs: the Voice of Poland, the X-factor UK and Australian X factor. As usual that kind of program helps to find new music stars. Although I do not have favorite singers yet due the fact that this year there are a lot of talented people and it's hard to me to decide on one favorite person.

I wonder...

I wonder who I should introduce to you in this post. It's really a lot of people and performances that I'd like to post on the blog. With who I really just fell into during the programs? I watched very carefully my playlist once again, unfortunately, most of the performances has already been withdrawn from youtube, such a shame. Okay, then I put some performances that have been preserved.

 James Arthur -  I'm Sexy and I Know It (my favourite performance)

  James Arthur -  Young (audition)

Now you know my weakness for this artist because is the third song of James here:
James Arthur -  Can't Take My Eyes Off You

I'm not sure if you are surprised by now. The next James Arthur`s performance. The final.
James Arthur - Impossible

Since we're on the 9th Edition of the UK X-Factor I would like to recall the sensational Ella`s performance.
Ella Henderson -audition 

My next favorite person from 9th edition was Lucy Spraggan, who unfortunately quickly resigned from participation in the program, but she certainly deserved to appear on my blog :)
Lucy Spraggan - Last Night

Attention deserves also Lucy`s performance from the bootcamp
Lucy Spraggan - Tea and Toast

Now let's go back to the 8th edition of X Factor and please meet the sensational Janet Devlin
Janet Devlin -  Your song

of course from the 8th edition I can not forget about my next favorite person
Craig Colton - Hiding My Heart Away

Now time for the 7th edition from which you could know the mega-popular band One Direction. The one of the people who most caught my attention was Aiden Grimshaw

Aiden Grimshaw - Mad World 

Another great person from 7th edition was Cher Lloyd. Let's start from audition
Cher Lloyd - Turn My Swag

My favourite Cher`s performance
Cher Lloyd - Stay

Do you want some more performances?  I still have more :) Okay, maybe I  should leave them for the another day. Maybe you have any suggestions as well?

to be continued....

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