Sunday, 30 November 2014

Music Update: Cold? okey, let`s make this day hot with brand hot tracks!

Hello everybody in this last November`s cold day.
Unfortunately, we need wait for summer still a few months (but somehow we could do it, right?). To warm up a little bit out temperature, I have for you a few pieces that I hope you will like it too. This week I have for you 11 new tracks.
So I invite you to the musical warming! :)
I'll start with a song which totally surprised me. A few years ago I was crazy about the band Gorillaz, and when I heard the new version of Gorillaz`s amazing song, I could not believe, that it can be so changed. In the beginning I did not hear at all in the piece gorilla`s squad composition, and when the lyrics proved to be known by me I discovered why, and I had to share it with you guys!
Here mentioned cover:
The SAME feat. Lalitia - Feel Good Inc

So, now is the time to dance a little bit! Let`s dance people!
Redondo & Boiler - Sunshine (Brighten Up My Days)

Nicolas Haelg - Open Up People

Mark Tarmonea - Paradies (Marv Remix)

I will not hide my platonic love for Enrique Iglesias, so I have to post at least one piece to warm up (maybe I will just warms myself, but who cares)  ;)
Enrique Iglesias & Kylie Minogue - Beautiful 

The next piece will come out of the movie. For some time, I need to share somehow with you music, from the new movies. Unfortunately, I will not conceal, I did not watch the newest part of the Hunger Games, but in my opinion, the music is overwhelming! (Am I right?)
The Hanging Tree - The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 Score James Newton Howard <3

Now it's time to the music that really touched me. If you listen closely to the lyrics, and you will watch this video, I think you would understand, why it touched me. So if you have a minute, please refer to this proposal.
Hozier - Take Me To Church <3

Finally, the time for polish accent come in! So, let`s change the atmosphere and let`s get ready for AFROOMENTALL!!
Afromental - Mental House

do so now let's stay with the "mental" the atmosphere ... but this time we`ll move from Poland over to South Korea

when it comes to the new Beyonce song and her video of this song ... I still do not know if I like it or hate it. I came to the conclusion that if I have such mixed feelings about it, see what is your reaction will be like.
Beyoncé - 7/11

as the last I saved for you the classic band
AC/DC - Rock or Bust

and what do you think of today's music update?
I hope we get warm up at least a little bit!

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