Sunday, 12 June 2016

Why the young people die?


Yesterday, I received very sad news. After a concert in Orlando during the autograph session, 22-year-old artist Christina Grimmie was fatally shot. I know that every day in the US such tragedies endeavoring often. It is really cruel. Especially if young people who should live another dozen or so good years are dying. Christina's death really shocked me is still aroused in me a negative emotion in relation to the authorities of America. What now has to think an artist who would like to see their fans? How has the fan feel who knows that the end is not safe because some psycho with a gun may be close? No one should kill because he just wants to. The weapon should be prohibited for the common man. In general, a weapon that kills at all should not be created. About the talent Christina I wrote on the blog almost a year ago (entry HERE), I was wishing her a great career and be able to share her talent with others for a long time. It did not occur to me even to think that we can lose so capable person, so quickly. Frankly...
 Frankly, I am not able to deeper wonder - why it was her? why would anyone ever want to get rid of life of another person? - I would like, however, that such situations never took place .... I would love to. Unfortunately, the world is a different opinion.

RIP Christina

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