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Great Artist - K. Flay


More recently I grumbled that I do not write anything about my favourite artists for a very long time. Today, finally I mobilised myself and I am writing the note about it. On my shooting goes my recent favourite American artist K. Flay.

How do I know the artist?

The first time I encountered K.Flay thanks to remix of the song: Make Me Fade (Gianni Kosta Remix) which, moreover, was on the blog in January (entry here). It is true, that it wasn't really a time when I get crazy about her. From time to time I published some of her songs. The breakthrough came when my good friend sent me a studio version Make Me Fade [Audiotree Live] (note from here). Since then, the artist's songs appear among my recently listen tracks on my iPod. Last week, this American girl released her new EP, which obviously appealed to me. Songs from the new small album, of course, you can or you will find in this blog.

Something about K. Flay

K. Flay, actually Meredith Kristine Flaherty was born June 30, 1985 in Wilmette, Illinois, United States. What did she write about herself on her FB Profile?

i grew up outside of chicago,
starting writing songs in san francisco,
moved to brooklyn
& now don't have an apartment

my music is a version of indie hip hop
mixed with electronics
mixed with me headbanging

but i'm still figuring it out
Kristine is an alumna of Stanford University in California, where she graduated with degrees in psychology and sociology. She has been an outspoken supporter of higher education. It tries to encourage students to complete the higher level, citing the "supportive support", which education provides .

Music Path

Love for music probably she has planted as a young girl thanks to her father, who was an accomplished guitarist and a true lover of all music. Unfortunately, the singer lost her father as a teenager, many of the songs K.Flay is a tribute to him.

As an eighteen she started enrolled in school in the Bay Area at Stanford University. During her freshman year, together with a friend she began her experiments with modern rap music. In her opinion of the majority of hip-hop hits on the radio was simplified, stereotypical and misogynistic, and therefore she stated that also she will be able to create something like that. So after spending the night she created a piece of "Blingity Blang Blang," which she described as  "a low-budget rap parody that contained far too many obscenities." Due to the fact that making music began to make her more joy, she wrote two more songs before the end of 2003.
The summer after her freshman year at Stanford University was a period of experimentation for her. She was still writing the new songs and also discovered how to record them on her computer. During the next years spent at Stanford, Flaherty released a mixtape titled Suburban Rap Queen, which she produced on her laptop and after that began to perform live on the local scene. Which led to its recognition among the local community.

After graduating she still was into creating the music. The year 2010 brought her the time at which she finally released her first EP under her nickname K.Flay. While two years later, after the girl appeared already on numerous scenes accompanying artists such as Passion Pit, Snoop Dogg, and Icona Pop, she was able to turn its attention of RCA Records, through which she had the opportunity to record the next two EP - Eyes Shut (2012) and What If It Is (2013).

The year 2014 brought to an American girl opportunity to create the new album, this time in the full edition. Life As A Dog, K. Flay helped develop an international career and has started touring in Germany, France and the UK.

How exactly K. Flay caught my attention? I think is because of her original style, with an interesting voice and her creativity. I hope that the music will be giving her joy for a long time and it will provide us with new great pieces. At this point, I regret that I have no one to go to one of her concerts, which will be organised in Germany and England. However, I am sure that it was not her last tour and she will come back to Europe.

How do you like the artist? Perhaps you know of similar stylistically artists and want to share them with me?

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- D.

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