Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Sport + music = the best combintation


Do you know, what is making me the most pleasant in conducive to well-being? Sport. The truth is that, unfortunately, since few years I am not going regularly to any training anymore. Previously, I practised sailing, which continues to be one of my favourite sports. Over a time, I even very neglected myself. Luckily on my way, I met my great friend Ania, who help me with my mobilisation and become my inspiration. I'm very grateful her for that. From a few months, I started making the training alone at home like cardio hip-hop which makes me a great joy. From time to time I go also to the swimming pool, but I think I will have to increase the number of my visits there. It is nice also that during exercises I can listen to my favourite music. Music and sport is a very pleasant combination to me.

Do you have maybe some favourite music to exercise? Any advise?

Pleased to add the new songs to our August`s Playlist:


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