Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The summarly of the August`s Playlist - which songs do you like the most?


This is probably the first time that I was able to  calmly sit down and listen again to the songs which I collected during the entire month. In August, slightly I pushed the boat out with a number of contained songs, but I can not help if I like them all. The playlist includes 61 songs, and I hope you will find something interesting for yourself.


Here they are (in random order):

The song, which made that I stood as cemented with enchantment when Jamie XX started to play it on the Melt! Festival

Jamie xx - Loud Places (ft Romy)


Next the friend of G-Dragon from his record label. I wrote about him here.



Obviously I can not miss my last favourite artist, which also devoted a post this month (post here).


K.Flay - Blood In The Cut


At the end of the song, which gives a breath of summer :)

Alle Farben feat. Younotus - Please Tell Rosie

Whole Playlist you can find HERE.  Enjoy!

Do you like any song from the playlist?

<<< Let`s Stay Positive Together ! >>>

- D.

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