Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Let`s start new month with new music :)


Yesterday was checking the playlist from July as I wanted to select my favourite songs. Unfortunately, I see that in July I was really picky. I write about it in a post on summary Playlist, so I will not make you bored now.

Luckily the new month begins better (I hope) I have accumulated a lot of songs. Yesterday I was able to sit up, open up to new music (less politely) and chose a dozen songs, which I will publish this week. So, let`s get started! Just for you - 8 new songs.


I wanted to start a playlist with big bomb :) So the first piece I put on the list is my favourite song from the Festival MELT! where I was last month (post here).

How do you like the new tracks?

[New songs are available now in the New Playlist (Please check the top right corner) or HERE].

<<< Let`s Stay Positive Together >>>
- D.

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